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Jeudi 21 avril 2016

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Language Assistant - End of Year. - par Miss Kahel le 26/05/2015 @ 17:40

Patty's last day with us


Today is the last session we have with Patty, unfortunately and it's time to ask her about her year in France, her experience, what she enjoyed and what she didn't like. She liked French music remixes and didn't like kebabs because she doesn't eat meat but she liked the French fries. She enjoyed Reims and ate in various restaurants. She enjoyed eating in Quick. She went to many pubs on the Place d'Erlon. She liked France and French people because we are friendly. She didn't visit Notre-Dame in Paris but she visited Barcelona, Toulouse and Lyon. She saw the Porte de Mars in Reims and she liked it but she didn't see the lights show on the Cathedral. She didn't like when shops were closed on Sundays. Patty met many students in France and they became friends. During her stay she never ate cassoulet. She liked going to the disco in Reims. She appreciated the French mentality because we are polite. But she prefers Los Angeles because it's a big city. She loves cheese and she has tasted Camembert. She didn't appreciate the weather because it's too cold. Life in France is not more expensive than in the USA. She said that the « Metro » train in California is faster than the TGV. In Los Angeles she worked in schools as a maths tutor and in museums. In Reims, she lived near the Jean Jaures High school but now she lives with her boyfriend. She speaks English with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend who lives in France is going to visit her in August in the USA. She said that the good point of our class was that we asked good questions but the bad point was that we talked too much. She said this year was a good experience in general. She wants to come back later.


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